Screen capture tool with video recording

  • Add images or videos with voice over to your bug reports
  • Add comments directly to the snapshot to provide effective feedback
  • Create instant bug report & transfer it to ReQtest
  • Get the bug report to the right person – right away!

Capture bugs or visualize a need in your project

Provide visual feedback to developers or highlight a need for new feature.

Capture gets the message through faster

  • When finding bugs, you won’t have to waste time describing the context of the bug, you only need to snap the bug and comment – in context.
  • Image and comments in combination gets the bug fixer the necessary information at a glance.
  • The bug fixer doesn’t have to waste time interpreting feedback, it’s already crystal clear!

Capture a bug in its visual context

  • Make a screen capture of the entire page, the screen or a designated area
  • Add comments directly on the snapshot & avoid the hassles of additional explanation
  • Transfer the visuals with comments to ReQtest as a bug report or a requirement

Visualize your expectations in a quick way

  • Create a requirement directly in Capture and transfer it to ReQtest.
  • Snap a picture, annotate and choose to create a bug or a requirement.
  • Upload your screen captures to add more clarity to existing bugs/requirements.

Get the bug report to the right person – right away

  • Create the bug report directly in Capture and transfer it to ReQtest, making it easy for the right person to get the right information in the right context.
  • Use the Capture app whenever you find a bug and snap it, without being logged in to ReQtest.
  • By lowering the barrier and making it easy to document bugs, fewer bugs will be left unfixed. Also it will be easier to see the big picture to ensure quality.

Capture screen, annotate & upload to ReQtest

1.Capture images or videos of bugs and requirements with the desktop app

ReQtest provides you with a bug reporting tool for capturing bugs and visualizing requirements with video or images and seamlessly upload them to ReQtest. This is the fastest and easiest way of documenting bugs and requirements on the market!

3.Save time and efforts

ReQtest allows you to report the defects directly to the person responsible for fixing them. Instantly notify the person who is assigned the bug. The status of the bugs can be easily tracked in ReQtest.

2.Explain what is important with the help of visuals

ReQtest as a bug reporting software saves the time required for explaining bugs by allowing you to attach screenshots or video with voice over to your bug reports. Add comments to your bug snaps for a higher level of clarity.

4.Simply capture, comment and upload

With this bug reporting tool, you can stop wasting time explaining the bugs and requirements to the developers.Add comments to your screen captures to explain the defects or needs. Seamlessly upload screen captures as attachments to ReQtest. Record your exploratory testing with full-screen video capture.

Capture screen, annotate & upload to ReQtest

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What do our customers say about us?

A great tool to plan, perform and follow upAs ReQtest is easy to configure it can be set up differently depending on different customer/project needs. It's a great tool to plan, perform and follow up requirements and tests.


Test Lead

A very user-friendly and quality-assured toolThe advantages of using ReQtest for my projects is that I can work structured and quality assured in both test case management, bug tracking and requirements management.


Web Project Manager

Supports us well in our change processEasy to learn and start using and easy to configure to suit our needs for information and support in the change process. You start at your own 'level' and can then easily improve the process gradually.


IT Project Leader