• ReQtest pre-configured to best practice processes
  • Standard processes from your new ERP imported into ReQtest
  • Extensive process and method SOP that you can tailor to your own needs
  • Onboarding and support throughout the project


An ERP project is one of the most important projects done by an organization. And we believe that you as a customer need to take control of the implementation and not be dependent on suppliers and consultants.

We have created an ERP accelerator that will help you kickstart your ERP project and utilize best-practice standards. By using ReQtest to manage your ERP project, you are in control of your project. The accelerator is built on the best practices we have seen in multiple projects and meets the expectations of any medium to large-sized project.

When should you use the accelerator?

Many times, the ERP project goes wrong even before being started. One of the most critical phases of the project is the requirements gathering phase and selection of ERP vendors. By using ReQtest already in this phase, you ensure that your requirements management gets done professionally. Once you are ready for evaluating your vendors, invite them into ReQtest, and get their RFQ directly into the tool.

Use the ReQtest Requirements module to validate your current ERP system against your business requirements. Your business requirement is changing over time and do you know if your current ERP system is supporting your business requirements fully?

You then use ReQtest to compare and evaluate the different vendors. Once a vendor is selected, you have all the documentation stored in the ReQtest which you will use for the implementation of the project. ReQtest supports your project end to end and is used from early phases into maintenance and upgrades.

Contents of the ERP Accelerator

Here is what you will find in the ReQtest ERP Accelerator:

Process and methods

We provide you with an SOP including end to end processes in your project. You can merge this into your current process framework, or tailor the processes to your organization’s specific needs.
Processes include two levels of process breakdown, help, and pointers to how you should work and also a full description of how the ReQtest was set up to fit the process.

ReQtest pre-configured

We have a pre-configured ReQtest to fit the described processes. We have also created examples within requirements, tests, and bugs so you can get real examples of how you could use the ReQtest in your project. ReQtest, being a very comprehensive and versatile tool, allows you to make a lot of changes to the standard setup if needed.

ERP standard processes

All modern ERP tools come with a library of standard processes that are available to you. These processes are used to evaluate the ERP tool, training, and testing of the ERP. We will import the standard processes for you into ReQtest so that they are available for you to use in your project.

Onboarding and training

When choosing the ReQtest accelerator, we provide you with onboarding and training for your core team, according to a train the trainer concept. Later throughout the project, you have access to tool support. If you need additional help with your project, process, tool, or ERP vendor, we also can recommend senior consultants that can support you with your issues.

Webinar on best practice applied in ERP projects

Watch the webinar to learn about how to succeed with your ERP project

Webinar: Best practice applied in ERP projects – ReQtest ERP accelerator sneak preview

In this webinar, you will get a live demo of the processes and the ReQtest ERP accelerator pre-configured to help you succeed.

All based on best practices from actual projects. Get insights and inspiration on how you stop re-inventing the wheel and instead apply best practice standards.

The webinar is held by Henrik Andreasson, CEO at ReQtest, and Thomas Ljung, CEO PEMAB, previous VP at IFS, with 35 years of experience in ERP, digitalization programs/projects worldwide.

Benefits you will get

With the ERP Accelerator, you get the following benefits:

Time to market

Get a head start in your project and deliver on time. Ensure a shorter time to market.

Save Money

No need for expensive consultants who will help you reinvent the wheel. Save money by not running into common problems.

Ensure Quality

Work in a structured and professional way according to best practice processes.


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