How ReQtest is a game changer for Test Managers?

ReQtest is a test management tool recommended by Test Managers to plan, organize & execute test cases in collaboration.

ReQtest solutions to common challenges of Test Managers

The role of the Test Managers in a fast paced development environment has become all the more complex.

Self-managed Teams

The Test Manager needs to devote their time getting the right mix of skill-set to perform different types of testing and make rapid decisions rather than wasting time managing teams.ReQtest allows to quickly set-up a self-managed testing team by adding users to the testing project.

Manage Tests Easily

QA Managers need to focus on the test strategy and analysis of the testing efforts to take corrective actions. With ReQtest, the Test Manager will be managing the tests rather than the testers which enable them to devote more time & efforts on test strategy.

Quality Communication

The quality of communication & collaboration among the team is directly correlated to the quality of released software. ReQtest facilitates communication among team members to ensure quality is the responsibility of everyone in the self-organized team.

Monitor Testing Efficiency

QA Managers need to have accurate insights on whether the testing team is efficient and on track or not. ReQtest offers graphical reports to gain insights on the productivity of the testers and efficiency of the testing process.

Collaborate Effortlessly

A collaboration platform is ideal for working in a distributed environment. ReQtest provides a platform for collaboration to teams distributed across locations & time zones. QA Managers can set up virtual teams for different projects and allow team members to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Gain Actionable Insights

Test Managers with time crunch find it difficult to formulate reports. ReQtest offers customizable graphical Reports that can be populated in few clicks. Gain insights to better plan the project activities & deliverables.

ReQtest : Test Management Tool recommended by Test Managers

QA Managers need the right test management tool to combat an acute shortage of time and effectively manage the pressure of releasing high-quality software. ReQtest is a Test Management Tool recommended by Test Managers across the globe.